The 2022 MYBA Yacht Charter Show Hits Barcelona

In late April this year, the vibrant city of Barcelona in Spain hosted the 32nd annual MYBA Charter Show. The MYBA, the host show, is a professional yachting organization of international renown. Founded in 1984, the organization has contributed significantly to the industry’s growth. They have worked closely with many government agencies, maritime organizations, and insurance companies. The organization currently has members in every field of yacht brokerage, charter, sales, construction, and technical management.

The show, which aims to promote sustainability in the yachting industry, has been held annually for the past 20 years. It brings together brokers and agents from all over the world, providing an avenue for them to exhibit their best vessels for charter. Owing to the CoVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 and 2021 shows got canceled, much to the dismay of hopeful participants.

Nevertheless, the MYBA slated this year’s edition to take place from 25th-28th of April in Marina Port Vell, Barcelona. The organizers were more than excited to meet new industry professionals, and participants were excited about the glamorous events and the showcase to come. The newly created limited-edition gold and black logo for the event captured the mood excellently.

The show began on Sunday at 9:30 am with 22 yachts and over 60 brokers in attendance, officially launching the Mediterranean charter season. Among the day’s highlights were the Chefs’ briefings for the coming competition. Then, there was the sumptuous Captain’s dinner held that night.

The yacht viewings began on Monday, and they took place morning and evening each day for the next four days. Different brokers welcomed media houses and other attendees onboard their exhibitions for exclusive viewings. During this session, we were invited on board some yachts for interviews, notably Mes Amis, RoMa, Snowbird, and Curiosity. We also got to see other masterpieces like the massive 237ft Stella Maris with its exquisite exterior design and state-of-the-art interior.

Then, there were the daily chefs’ cookouts and judgings which took place from 9:00 am till noon for the next three days. This year’s competition was Mediterranean picnic-themed. The competing chefs had to put together assorted Mediterranean beach cuisines (four plates, one for each dish). And in addition to the food, the chef stewards/stewardesses were to create beach cocktails to complement the dishes. Apart from the awarding of prizes later, the aim was to showcase the ability of the chefs to create any dishes for the enjoyment of guests on a beach picnic. The final judging and prize-giving on Thursday evening brought the competition to a jolly close.

There were also two very informative seminars which took place at 6:30 pm on Monday and Friday. Then, the whole event concluded with a fabulous party for the crew and sponsors. Altogether, this year’s MYBA Charter Show was a smashing success. If you wish to see more of the show or inquire about next year’s, you can check out the MYBA website.

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